Girls Gone…Amazing

There are times, as I’ve experienced and been told, that the inspiration for writing something on a daily basis can be hard to come by. Today, I decided to for a muse by scrolling through my list of Facebook friends. I noticed as I made my way down the 2-column page that I’m connected to many of the women that were friends and acquaintances with me in college. I loved being in college, I had a blast for the most part. I learned about what I was capable of doing, what I liked and didn’t like, and what I was willing to try thanks to these women.

As undergrads we faced the challenges of pulling all-nighters to get coursework done on time, finding the best cure for a hangover, supporting each other through relationships beginning and ending, enjoying happy hours (even if someone got sick on us on the way home–Barb), running for student leadership positions, applying to be RA’s or SOS leaders, and showing support for each others’ athletic endeavors. Many of the women I spent my days and nights with I looked up to then, and find that my admiration continues to grow with so many of the Facebook posts I read.

Since graduation, more than 30 years ago, these women have faced enormous and life-altering challenges that have included: brain tumors, breast cancer, deaths of parents, divorce, marriage, babies, grandchildren, blizzards, hurricanes. They have started, sold, and lost businesses. They’ve built careers as teachers, principals, nurses, athletic trainers, coaches, businesswomen, and community leaders. I hope that they know how terrific they are and how important it is they continue to be role models for young women everywhere.

And, if no one has thanked you lately, consider yourself thanked, you are all amazing!

Libby, Tari, Eileen, Barb, Phyllis, Kim, Monica, Karen, Debi, Andrea, Brenda, Renee, Beth, Bridget, Pam, Suzy, Janet, Penny, Lori, Pam, Diane, Mary, Sandy, Jenny, Carrie, MJ

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