Winter Hayrides

I’ve been enjoying writing about and reminiscing about my days as a college student. Today is no different, and though the post is a bit shorter, it’s no less important to me.

In college I was a Resident Assistant, an RA, for three years. It was at a time when undergraduates served as RA’s and as Resident Directors. The college was small then, there were only five dorms so the number of RA’s and RD’s numbered about 25 or so each year. At the beginning of each semester this group would come back to campus a bit early for training and team building. The campus was quiet and it seemed like we had the whole place to ourselves.

I looked forward to the team building each year. Not just the group lap-sits and catch the dragon tail games; the dining hall would still be closed so we cooked for each other, each dorm’s staff taking a turn for a meal. Before the start of the spring semester it was always so cold, obviously because it was January–in Vermont, but one of the highlights was the night-time hayride…we found ways to stay warm! For me it felt like a great escape from what I’d left behind in Rhode Island–my family was going through some changes while I was in college, so this group was a place where I felt connected and supported. I made some lifelong friends in this group.

I’m sure I’ll miss someone’s name by taking the chance to make list, so I hope not to offend anyone. This thank you goes out to ALL the RA’s who I had the chance to get to know! Diane, Paul, Al, Tari, Bobby G., Eileen, Bryan, Monica, Debi, Michelle, Pam, Karen, Bernie, Scott, Ruth, Tom, John, Andrea, Dennis: I hope you had as much fun as I did…Thanks!


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