Write It Down

At certain points in our life we seek out someone to talk to about our problems, at least I have. For many people a counselor or therapist or coach, can support our desire to change something about our life that we’re struggling with in some way. I’ve known my fair share of counselors over the years!

journalSometimes a therapist might suggest that a client keep a journal as a way of identifying or managing issues or feelings.  I must admit that I’ve not tried to keep a journal since I was a freshman in college.  I sometimes think of this blog as a journal, and maybe you’d agree?

Today, as it turns out, I’m struggling a bit to respond to a concern I have with my stepdaughter. Whispering in my ear, I can hear those counselors suggesting, “write it down”; get your thoughts down on paper. “Writing it down will help to organize your thoughts and maybe even help you get to the root of what your concern really is,” I hear the little voice saying to me. So I took that advice. I started writing at about 4:00 pm and didn’t stop for two hours. I’m sure much of it is coming from a very emotional place; to say that I’m feeling a bit angry about the situation would be an understatement. I wrote about two pages worth of commentary and some of it is quite scathing.  It sits in draft form on my desktop right now, because…

undo…another piece of advice from those counselors that I plan on taking, and is the reason for today’s thank you: There is no undo button, so don’t hit send on the email until you’ve read what you’ve written!

One thought on “Write It Down

  1. It does help to have clarity over the situation when you write them down and often times it allows us to get a better grip on the problem at hand. Plus its a great way to revisit great memories for the future!!


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