Girl Scout Leaders

girl scout uniformThere are so many people, who, if we’re really lucky, take an interest in our lives.  Sure our parents do, and brothers and sisters, and other family members.  There are others though, other grownups who spend their time with us in one form or other: coaches, Scout leaders, church leaders, mentors.

One of the adults I remember most from my childhood is my Girl Scout leader, Mrs. Mears.  As a Junior scout, I think it was 4th, 5th and 6th grade, we had several assistant troop leaders along the way, my Mom included.  Our Troop Leader though was Mrs. Mears, a women who, to me, seemed larger than life.  From where I stood as a 4th grader she knew how to do everything.  Camping, cooking, dancing; we did it all to get our sashes filled with merit badges.

I remember one meeting in particular when we were working on a badge to understand other cultures, we had to learn the polka!  Mrs. Mears took time with each of us to get the steps right and the timing perfect.  I still remember how to do the dance and someday it will come in handy.

Thanks, Mrs. Mears!

P.S. It was Troop 239, Warwick, RI and our Troop crest was Lily of the Valley…and I still have my sash full of badges (packed away somewhere).

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