The Other Grown Ups

If three in a row makes a trend, then my trend for this stretch of entries is the people who influenced my younger life. I’ve thanked teachers, my Girl Scout leader, but what of the other adults?

childhood home

I grew up in a neighborhood where the norm was big families, at least on the street that I called home. There were well over thirty children occupying the 11, split level ranch houses on Tomahawk Court. Many of us went to the same schools, churches, athletic programs. We celebrated birthdays together and had carpools–before that word even existed. Beyond the street where I lived were hundreds of other kids and …so, there was always a “mom” or a “dad” around watching…and, reporting back to my parents, if that was necessary.

We were safe, watched, cheered, taught, guided, celebrated, disciplined…parented, by so many. I know that by listing several now I will invariably miss someone, but for today I’m thanking:

Mrs. Tally, Mr. Tally, Mrs. Duffy, Mrs. Covell, Mr. Covell, Mrs. Shalansky, Mrs. Alterman, Mrs. Quinn, and Mrs. Batchelor (although she’s gonna get her own post, soon)


2 thoughts on “The Other Grown Ups

  1. Way to go!

    Based on the photo, it appears that grass, in fact, does NOT grow on that slope! Please let Mom, Dad, and Kevin know.


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