My First Job After College

I love my job. Really. I do. Almost thirty years after graduating from college I can honestly say, I’m in the perfect and right job for me. That’s not to say I’ve not had great jobs before. There are several jobs that I’ve loved along the way: waitressing, director of a nursery school, director of an AmeriCorps project. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some of the jobs I’ve done and I’ve been good at them.
Along the way of course we learn what to do, what not to do to be successful. Lessons that hurt, helped, healed, and hurried us down our career and life paths.
Maybe it’s one of those things that happens as we “mature”; we come into our own (I turned 50 this year). Our own experiences, our own wisdom, our own…whatever. We get to a place where most things make sense and we find we have something to offer that’s greater than what we are taking from others.
I’d like to thank the person who gave me my first job in my field when I got out of college. In 1985 there was a glut of teachers flooding the field in Rhode Island. Getting a job in a public elementary school was for the lucky few. In addition to waiting tables at my brother’s restaurant in 1985, I had the good fortune to be offered a job as a lead teacher in a preschool summer camp at the JCC in Providence.
Ruby Shalansky hired me. I knew her because my younger brother and sister were classmates of her two boys. I also babysat her kids on more than a few occasions; including, when she and her husband made an extended trip out of the country.
Today’s thank you is to Ruby for giving me a chance to prove myself fresh out of college.


3 thoughts on “My First Job After College

  1. Kelly, not sure if my first reply went through. So I will repeat. Nice blog, for sure. and thank you for your kind words about me. I tried to hire people that would do a great job, then that would make the program successful and me keep my job. Guess it worked as I have at it for almost 30 years. For sure you were one of those people I hired who I was proud of.

    Really 50 Kelly????

    Love, Ruby


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