April 10th: Sibling Day

It’s all over Facebook today…pictures of siblings thanking siblings; posts singing the praises of the sibling relationships.  I have seven, count ’em – seven, sibs: three brothers and four sisters.  In terms of birth order I’m in the  middle.  I used to think that the middle was not such a great place to be; I was mistaken.

I’m not the oldest, so I wasn’t the first to date, drive, or anything else.  I’m not the baby, so I didn’t end up getting too much of the “you must be (fill in sibling name here)’s sister”.  In the middle is just right.  My brothers and sisters are the most talented, caring, smart, funny and loving people I know.  I love them all and brag about them any chance I get. 

I may not thank them often enough and a year-long blog wouldn’t begin to express my thanks to all of them!  Thank you: David, Jen, Nancy, Judy, Kevin, Sue, Bill.  Love to you all on National Sibling Day!!

David, Jen, Nancy, Me, (my husband), Judy, Kevin, Sue, Bill
David, Jen, Nancy, Me, (my husband), Judy, Kevin, Sue, Bill

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