Lights, Lights…Christmas

A few years ago my husband and I bought a lovely home in a fantastic neighborhood.  We’d heard that not far from where we live there was a family who puts on a light show with music every night between Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Our first visit to the house on Gristmill Road in Warwick four years ago, was wonderfully surprising and more than enough to put us in the Christmas spirit.

Each year since, Steve and I have stopped by the house to sit for several songs, watching the flashes of color timed perfectly to the music of holiday favorites, you can even tune your radio to hear the music.  When our grandchildren lived with us  for the Christmas of 2011 we took them to the Picozzi’s Christmas display.  Their bright eyes staring at the lights in the dark evening air, is the stuff Christmas is made of!

I’d like to thank the Picozzi family in Warwick, RI, for sharing their home and love of Christmas with us, our neighbors, and our state.  If you live here, go take a look and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Lights, Lights…Christmas

  1. I just happened to come upon this blog and it really made my day. I’m glad that you enjoy my display. Frank Picozzi


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