Scary Movies…I do not like them Sam, I am!

My husband and I just finished watching the Johnny Depp movie Dark Shadows. I’m not typically a fan of Tim Burton films or of any movie that would be considered scary in any way. This movie really wasn’t at all terrifying, there was quite a bit of comedy throughout it. As the movie ended I got to thinking about the last scary movie I ever watched: Silence of the Lambs.

A group of us that worked together at a college in the early 1990’s used to do lots of things together. Movies, rollerblading, cookouts, volleyball, Frisbee golf, hiking; all good and healthy stuff you’d expect a group of twenty- and thirty-something’s to be doing for fun.

Several members our band of merry co-workers served as Residence Hall Directors and so, had their apartments in the dorms. They lived there year-round even when students had gone for the summer or home on breaks. It was during one of these vacation weeks that someone, I have no idea who, thought it would be fun to watch Silence of the Lambs in an empty dorm, during an incredible thunderstorm …really? What were we thinking?!

I closed my eyes at all the appropriate times and didn’t open them again until I was assured there was nothing on the screen that would creep me out. During the movie, as I mentioned, there was a thunderstorm going on, and when you’re in a valley sandwiched between several mountains in Vermont, it can get pretty intense. If I remember correctly, the lights flickered several times (at all the scariest moments), and the thunder was so loud we weren’t sure if it was simply mother nature jerking our chain or something was making loud noises in the building.

scary movieNeedless to say that when the movie was over I was not jazzed about going home to an empty apartment. Others were sufficiently scared too, so we ended up watching The Little Mermaid just so we could sleep. The other thing I needed to do, every night for at least two weeks after that, was to sleep with my lamp on! Scary movies, to my mind, are just plain unnecessary and not at all entertaining; the only thing they do for me is drive up my electric bill.

The thank you I’d like to put out to you today is for the co-workers and friends that I made while I worked in Vermont (Keith, Paul, Cus, Tracy, Helena, Carrie, Liz, Natalie, Dennis, and anyone else I’ve forgotten). Thank you for confirming for me that I hate scary movies, and then giving me the chance to do something fun so I could sleep at night.

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