Does It Work?

imagesCARTM88YI’d been going for acupuncture for more than a few years by the time I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. At my first visit I remember asking, “Does it work?” The response: “Well, can 3,000 years of successful practice be wrong?” I guess not!

I went through a few years of treatment for infertility; acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine were complimentary elements to the process. Even after we decided that we would no longer travel down the fertility treatment path to get pregnant, I continued, on-and-off, to see the two practitioners who I’d come to know and rely on. Through treatments I’ve found relief from colds, aches, pains, and stress–almost always falling asleep while lying on the table.

Heather and Mel shared office space, patients, and a similarity in their gentle and supportive approaches that I found to be so reassuring and grounding. I used to tell my husband that I’d see Heather for needles and Mel for herbs. In the weeks before the surgery I went to Heather for a few sessions to help my body withstand the surgery, as well as to support the healing process. In the two weeks after the surgery Mel came to my home to give me treatments, including a Qi treatment–which was pretty cool and you can see it  in this YouTube video.

Although some Western medical docs would have us believe that they spend as much time with a patient as necessary, Heather and Mel always did!

So, does it work? I’ll leave that to you to find out for yourself. For me, the dedication, caring approach, and healing energy that Heather and Mel shared with me during my treatment and recovery was exceptional, and I am forever grateful.

It is still Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month!


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