The Cardiologist

My Mom is in the hospital. She will be okay after a surgery that will reorganize her twisted stomach and diaphragm.  If you’ve read any of the other posts about my family you know that I am one of eight children, so our mom is not lacking for company as she sits in her hospital room waiting for the surgery that is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Each day she’s there we will be a constant parade of visitors to her room; grateful that she does not have a roommate so more than one of us can visit at a time.

When I was there yesterday, overlapping my visit with my younger brother and his wife, a doctor came into the room introducing himself as a cardiologist.  He had only a stethoscope and his ID badge around his neck — no white coat.  He explained that the general surgeon who be operating on her asked for a consultation to assess as cardiac risk.  My mother is 77 years-old and while there is risk at any age for surgery, there is bit more as the body ages.  After an almost 40-minute visit the doc said Mom would be cleared for surgery.

blue heartsNow, I’m sure you’re scratching your head; a cardiologist spent 40 minutes with one patient and he was not even going to be operating on her!? The three of us in the room couldn’t believe it either. He was simply lovely, asking questions and listening to the lengthy answers my Mom gave as she was thinking out loud to craft her responses. Maybe it was because it’s a small hospital or because the ward was not jam-packed with patients, or maybe because it was because it was 6:00 pm on a quiet, rainy Saturday night, that this particular doc was able to spend so much time with us.  Regardless, I left the hospital more confident in the care my Mom was receiving there.

I spoke to Mom this morning, she asked, “What did you think of that doctor last night?” I told her I thought he was terrific.  She checked him out by asking some of the nurses about him and sure enough, our feelings were confirmed by everyone she spoke to–he is wonderful!

Today’s thank you goes out to the wonderful cardiologist who is looking out for Mom!

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