Today Really is 20 Days To Go!

On July 9th I mistakenly counted only 20 days until my year-long journey of posting a thank you each day would be over… I counted wrong.  Maybe it was because that had been my 345th post and so I just assumed there were 20 days left.  I just looked at the calendar and realize that TODAY is 20 days to go.  There have been times when I posted twice in one day by responding to the weekly photo challenge.  I’ve also missed two days of posting all together, perhaps that evens things out in the long run.

I haven’t run out of things to write about yet, thankfully.

I went today to send a package to my grandchildren in Arizona.  When they first moved back it was a weekly ritual, going to the local UPS store to ship a package of trinkets, clothes, or other items found in their bedrooms after they left us.  I kept the weekly packages going for over a year and also sent things specifically for birthdays or holidays when those days popped up on the calendar.

It was always the same little old man who helped me with the shipping process; he even suggested that I take some blank forms and have them ready when I arrived, so I wouldn’t have to wait too long.  Today the little old man was not behind the counter, it was a little old woman instead.  She was just as friendly and noticed right away that my form was complete, remarking, “you’ve been here before.”   As she reviewed the information, “oh, you have been here before but not for a while, I recognize the name.  I’m usually in the back getting packages together, it’s nice to put a face and name together.”  A broad smile came over her face as she looked down to measure the box and enter the information into the computer.

When we were done with the transaction she made sure to look up, right into my eyes, and thanked me for my business and hoped out loud that I would be back again soon.  Today’s thank you goes out to the nice lady at the UPS store and others like her who remember their regular customers and make them feel special!


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