The Honor System is Alive and Well, In Vermont

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my husband and I were in Vermont for a few days.  For the ride home we decided that instead of the interstate we’d travel some back roads south to get home.  We left the hotel at about 9:30 and had not yet eaten breakfast, figuring we would find some cool café or diner along the way.  Our first stop, as hungry as we might have been for an omelet, was a pick-your-own berry farm.

At the speed of about 45 mph it’s easy to see what’s-what on the back roads.  As I looked out my side of the car I spied what looked like farmland (I know that’s not a surprise when you’re in Vermont) with a little building and a bunch of cars in front of it.  I took the quick left turn and we pulled up to what you see in the picture below.  There didn’t seem to be anyone “manning” the picking.  We walked closer to see there was a sign posted atop a mail slot in the wooden door:  “PYO blueberries, $3.50 a quart.  Please leave cash or check here.  If you need to pay by debit or credit card the main entrance to the farm is 1/4 mile north.” We dropped a five-dollar bill in the slot and went about filling our container.

Wards Berry Farm PYO

As we were leaving there was an older woman sitting in chair on the porch, the owner we presumed.  We said hello and what a nice time we had and without missing a beat she said with a broad smile, “Happy to hear you enjoyed yourself, but I’m a fellow picker.”  After exchanging pleasantries and the normal touristy banter we were on our way again.

Today’s shout of thanks is to those people who, that without confirmation of payment, someone standing guard, or a camera monitoring the site, still believe that the honor system works!  I love Vermont!

2 thoughts on “The Honor System is Alive and Well, In Vermont

  1. It’s easy to forget that the negativity we are bombarded with by our 24/7 media is only a portion of our world. We rarely get to hear about the rest of the world: the calm and peace and decent folks. Thanks for a glimpse.


    • You’re right about that; we are so overwhelmed with the negative. It’s one of the reasons I was compelled to start writing this blog. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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