Yeimy, Not Famous–But May Be Some Day

If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why?

Yeimy smileToday we had a going away party for one of our staff.  She’s going on to bigger and better things, for her.  We however, will miss her…terribly!  For 13 years this amazing lady has worked for our agency in several capacities. And though she may not be famous, yet; today, I’d want to be her.

As a very young woman she began her career as an assistant in a child care classroom for infants and toddlers.  After having her own child it was time to move to another program; one that supports the success of those who provide care for children of other working parents like herself.  And, finally, ending up in a department that reports to me.

stan suess yeimyToday at the celebration for Yeimy these words were said time and again:  committed, amazing, challenging, dedicated, talented, driven, leader, teacher, friend, work-wife (okay, only one person said that), learner, mom, princess, fashion plate, …beautiful.  Many tears were shed.  Many stories told.  Many hugs and kisses and promises to “see you soon.”

I consider myself one of the privileged who’ve been given the gift of being invited into Yeimy’s world.

Gracias mi amiga para nosotros adornando con su ingenio, encanto y sabiduría. Buena suerte en su próximo capítulo.


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