Spelling Bee(s)

schoolIn elementary school, I loved it when every week my teacher would have a spelling bee; a clever way to give us a chance to practice the set of words that would be part of the weekly test.  It was fun to be on a team; to be bummed out together if we lost and cheer for each other when we were the winners. 

images1SJQRCMDIn college I had the chance to be on a grown-up spelling bee team.  It was a fundraising event for a local arts foundation that asked for teams, made up of at  5 people each, to enter the contest.  Teams were created by local businesses and organizations.  Once registered, teams were given the approved word list that would be used the night of the competition.  For three years in a row I was on the team.  We’d practice for days leading up to the event; page after page of words I’d never heard of and never was going to use, like, ever!

trophyI admit that now, these many years later, I enjoy watching the National Spelling Bee every year.  I always learn new words and love watching the winner spell that last word before winning it all!  Having enjoyed spelling for so many years, I think, made me a better speller and proofreader,  and probably a better writer.   I’d like to thank my teammates from elementary school and the college team for making spelling such fun for me! 

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