Mirror, Mirror

I’ve been really diggin’ on the writing prompts from the Daily Press. I’m finding it so helpful to have a place to start.

So, on to the writing subject of the day: Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside?   

Lately, I don’t look into mirrors, I avoid them.  Even in the morning before I leave the house–sure, I look when I brush my teeth, dry my hair, or put on the anti-wrinkle serum that has been part of my routine since my 50th birthday; but I don’t really “look” at myself.  My husband thinks that I ask him how I look because I value his opinion (story for another post), but I don’t like looking to see the extra weight that I’ve carried around for the last several years.  I’m working on getting back to my “fighting weight”, but for a variety of reasons its more challenging now than it’s ever been. 

Can't believe I'm sharing this: A closer look in the mirror tonight after getting home from the gym!
Can’t believe I’m sharing this: A closer look in the mirror tonight after getting home from the gym!

More important than looking in the mirror for me, has been having the mirror held up for me.  There have certainly been more than a few people who’ve, either gently or heavy-handedly, held the mirror right up to my nose, to help me see what I was not able to see about myself.  In other words, there have been times in my life that someone or some situation has caused me to take a better look at who I am.  Am I being true to how I was raised?  Am I making good decisions, for me and the people around me?  Am I being the best person I can be?  Questions that deserve to be asked and answered; and reminding me that I am not defined by only one circumstance, issue, challenge, or success (you get the idea).

Today’s Thank You goes to all the people who have and continue to ask more of me, challenge me to see myself differently, and teach me that I am more than what I see in the mirror. 

I’ll keep working on myself.


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