Timmy’s Family Restaurant

outside timmysMy husband and I were on a ride around town this afternoon, driving slow and taking in the sites.  Sometimes when I’m driving and another car is following, the husband will get a little antsy and ask me to pull over to let the car pass.  Even though I’m doing the speed limit and it doesn’t bother me if another driver is tailgating.  I continue about my business and if the car decides to pass me, so be it.  But today when I realized it was really bothering my husband, I pulled into the next parking lot.  Here’s what we found:  Timmy’s Family Restaurant!

On a nice summer Saturday afternoon the lot was empty and when we walked in we were the only customers in the place.  We sat in one of the many empty booths, grabbed the menus from behind the salt and pepper inside timmysshakers, and settled in.  Gayle, our waitress was quite lovely and could not say enough about the place–the freshness of everything, the commitment of the owner; she was gushing.  She’d been working there for 35 years and really didn’t look a day over 45 herself.  We asked if the fish ‘n chips would be a good choice–they were the best we’ve ever had, ever!

The owner Timmy, was there cooking, as he is every day from what we learned.  When we asked what kind of fish he used for our meal, Gayle turned to where Timmy stood behind the counter and said, “Timmy, scrod?”  He answered with a quick, “Yup!”  What happened after that is what will keep us coming back.

Timmy gave us the history of the restaurant and the four he’d opened, for himself and others, since he was 18.  He told us that the restaurant will be closed for two weeks, beginning next week, so he can travel with his father and children back to Greece where he was born.  Between his and Gayle’s stories of the community of customers and history, it felt like a place we could where we could become regulars.

Today’s thanks goes out to the driver who tailgated me so I’d pull into the parking lot, to Gayle for her terrific service, and to Timmy for not going on vacation until next week so we had the chance to find him today!

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