Groundhog Week? No, Not Again

If you could relive the past week, would you? Would you change anything?

NO.  Nothing.

It was a busy week, at home and at work.  Demanding both emotionally and energetically.  By the time Friday came along I was looking forward to an overnight getaway with my sisters to celebrate a birthday.  New dress was bought, sassy new haircut, and an oil change so I could drive the ninety minutes to the spa in Connecticut; everything was ready.  Except me.

By the time FRIDAY came along, I was spent!  Found myself sick as a dog and not able to go for my hour-long massage, dinner out and a little gambling.  Thirty-six hours in bed watching Lifetime TV and drinking tea helped, a lot.

There were good things last week, don’t get me wrong.  Moments of productivity at work.  Quiet moments at home with my husband.  Swinging on my porch swing in the warm sun and breeze.

Today I’d like to thank a friend of mine who gave me some good advice.  “It’s over. You can’t go back and live it again.  So, be sure that you’ve done all you could to live without regret at the end of every day.”regret

Would I live it over again.  No. 

Would I change anything?  No, nothing.


Blogging Groundhogs:

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