The Oldest Married Couple

My sister sent me an email today with this story:

grouchy“My grouchy elderly neighbor, Mr. N, told me that he and his wife celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday night with a big family party. (They also have a million kids and grandkids!) He said it was the best night of their lives! He sang, “Some Enchanted Evening” to her. I asked him what his secret to success is. “Love and forgiveness,” he said. He has won my heart (and now I won’t think uncharitable bubble thoughts when he is complaining about my leaves blowing into his yard)!

I started thinking about marriage: how do we make it last? Times change, people change, time changes people…or something like that… anyway.

I looked up on the inter-web about the longest marriages and here’s what I found out:

colonial wedding dressOn August 29, 1772 Daniel Frederick Bakeman married Susan Brewer, they were married for 91 years and 12 days and lived in New York. They lived until they were 110 and 105 years, respectively.

I wonder what their advice would be about the longevity of marriage. Would it be different for today’s couples than it might have been in 1863 when Susan Bakeman passed away.

Growing up we lived across the street from an older couple, know to many of us as Grammy and Grumpy. It seemed like they were married forever! My brother tells me it was well over 60 years! When asked what kept their marriage going, the advice they gave was: “Never go to sleep/bed angry.”

wedding1My husband and I have been married for only nine years. As a “later-in-life bride”, nine years seems like it should count for double. But that’s a story for another blog.

The reminders of what it takes to make a marriage last is what I’m thankful for today! My sister’s neighbor , Grammy and Grumpy, and the many other role models I’ve had in my life for how to make a marriage work…Thank you!

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