It’s Not My Favorite, But I Do It Well

Back On The Chain Gang:  Tell us all about the least favorite job/task/chore that you get stuck doing routinely. What is it about this duty that you can’t stand?

These days I’ve enjoyed the fact that I don’t find myself doing too many chores at home.  My terrific husband does the lion’s share of cleaning, laundry, litter box cleaning, trash and recycling, and dishes; I seldom have to come home to anything but a clean house!  I do fold clothes (which I enjoy), grocery shop (also a fun thing for me), and a good amount of cooking.  The fact that it’s just two of us and two cats, there isn’t all that much we can’t handle at home.

notesWork is another story.  It is called “work” after all.  For years I’ve found myself being the default note-taker for many, if not all, of the groups or committees I sit on.  I’m not sure if it is the result of my very neat handwriting; or, that someone noticed I was always writing during meeting.  Little did most people know, I was writing to keep my brain engaged during some pretty boring meetings.   Regardless of the reason, I take lots of notes in the workplace.

teamsSeveral jobs ago the team that I worked with participated in a training on “how to become a high performing team.”  An aspect of the training, that I continue to use, is the idea of group roles:  facilitator, sergeant, timekeeper, team builder, and scribe. It can be difficult to keep these roles separate from one another, however when you can and they work–not much can stop your team!  For almost four years I’ve tried to get the teams where I work now to use this model; but, the closest I’ve come is facilitator and scribe.  It’s kind of funny, when I’m not acting as the scribe I end up as the facilitator, hmmm.

My meeting notes, I’ll admit, are a thing of beauty.  They are complimented far and wide in fact.  There is no magic to it, except when they keep us from having to make decisions more than once!  Today’s thank you goes out to that former employer for making us attend that training and actually put into practice what we learned.  I’m still benefitting from it and sharing with others!

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5 thoughts on “It’s Not My Favorite, But I Do It Well

  1. I also used to write notes in meetings, like you meetings bored me. Your writing is beautiful which is why your colleagues are comfortable letting you do the job. The role of a facilitator is not easy, no wonder you get to do it.
    I loved reading your post. Have a great day.


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