Tests (and Measurements)

testsWhen I went to college I intended to become an elementary school teacher.  I honestly believed that I was going to graduate, get a teaching job back in my hometown, and retire happily having taught for 30 years as a beloved elementary school teacher.  As those of you who know or follow me, .  However, the lessons I learned in preparing to be a teacher went far beyond usefulness in the classroom.

Back in the day when I was training to mold young minds, I had to learn how to design my own tests; to find out if what I was trying to impart was actually getting through.  In a class called Educational Tests and Measurements, I picked up practical tools used to this day as I put together questionnaires, surveys or training session evaluations.  The teacher of the class was Dr. Judy Meloy. I liked her classes so much I took just about everything she taught.  She was even one of my advisors in graduate school.Dr. Meloy

In 2005 Dr. Meloy was awarded the Alumni Association’s Faculty of the Year honor.  I’m not at all surprised.  Compassionate, knowledgeable, committed–she’s a teachers, teacher.  Thanks, Dr. Meloy!!

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