Betsy: New Year’s Revolution

The kid in the AT&T commercial may be on to something:  New Year’s Revolution.  I’m sure I won’t be the only blogger to use it as a prompt for my writing today; there are surely thousands of bloggers who will share their year-in-review thoughts or their promises for the year to come.  I hope thought that my approach might be a bit different.

Let’s take a look at the two words:

Resolution:  declaration, decision, pledge

Revolution:  rebellion, upheaval, uprising

Since declarations and pledges are typically only words, RESOLUTIONS can easily be pushed aside and quickly forgotten. It seems to me that a REVOLUTION is about action, changing your life for good, forever.

I have a Facebook friend who is also someone I knew when I was living in Vermont.  I met Betsy when I was working at Castleton, she was a student.  Smart, funny, popular, and like many others, still figuring out who she wanted to be when she grew up.  Rarely was Betsy ever without a huge smile on her face.  She’d shared with me some of her personal struggles in her young life, but had clearly overcome them and appeared to me to be a confident and capable young woman.

One of the things I’ve continued to admire about Betsy is her unwavering commitment to life, a revolutionary if you will.  I remember when she ran into my office to show me her tattoo–dropped her pants to show me a bright green and blue earth on her hip.  She’d decided on something and went for it, completely, all-in!

Over the past two years I’ve followed Betsy’s journey on Facebook as she got married, quit her job, started a Cross Fit business, and continues to be a super-cool mom to Olivia.  Rebellion, upheaval, uprising…I think so!  I continue to be in awe of her revolutions!  I want to thank her for being a person who I can keep in mind as I look to making 2014 a revolutionary year for myself.  Thanks, Betsy!

betsy lifting
This IS Betsy!

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