Mow Guy, Blow Guy, Snow Guy

landscapers-using-leaf-blowers-by-joe_shlabotnikWhen my nephew Michael and niece Laura were very little kids they lived with their parents in a condo complex. It was a nice area of Connecticut and just right for them at the time. Typically, complexes like this one care for the property and grounds by using condo fees to hire contractors to come to do the work. Landscapers would mow grass, trim trees, pick up leaves and move mountains of snow. The kids would sit by the sliding glass doors out to the “back yard” to watch the mow-guy, the blow-guy, and snow-guy, depending of course on the season.

20130530_052314Steve and I have our own mow guy, his name is Ed. We’ve been using Ed for about 7 years, first at the property we rented when we were first married, and now at our current house since we bought it four years ago. He comes religiously every 2-3 weeks, cuts the grass, edges the areas around the front walk and driveway, and takes away all the yard waste. He always has a smile on his face and gives great hugs!20130617_185707

When our grandkids lived with us, Ed would give Kash a ride on the tractor; which made him happier than ever because the girls didn’t want to get on the tractor. Last year Ed told us that his grandchildren, little ones 1, 3 and 5 years old, were going to be living with him and his wife. When Ed is here to make our lawn look amazing these days, we lament with him over the challenges of having little kids in the house when, at our ages, we are used to quieter homes. We’ve been able to pass on some of the clothes and toys left behind by Coco’s move back to Arizona; as well as some of the tips that helped us manage our household with kids in residence.

20130924_103333_20130924104555338_20131012103846371Our mow guy is terrific! He’s a caring, energetic, and a great joke-teller. I hope he continues to do what he does for a long time, otherwise we’ll have to buy a mower and Steve will become our mow guy…and we can’t have that! Thanks Ed!

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