Positivity Doesn’t Need To Be A Challenge

I finished my daily Thank You postings last Monday and spent this week not writing, but thinking about what to write.  I've landed on an approach I think will work for the next 365 days.  I want to use my blog as a way to share gratitude and positivity; stories, ideas, insights--things I come across that strike … Continue reading Positivity Doesn’t Need To Be A Challenge

Today Really is 20 Days To Go!

On July 9th I mistakenly counted only 20 days until my year-long journey of posting a thank you each day would be over... I counted wrong.  Maybe it was because that had been my 345th post and so I just assumed there were 20 days left.  I just looked at the calendar and realize that … Continue reading Today Really is 20 Days To Go!

The Art of the Thank You Note

This week, tell us about a lost art: one that you know, one that you miss, or one that should be lost for good. My friend Victoria writes beautiful thank you notes, she always has; and I so appreciated it when I received one. She's been a role model to me for so much of … Continue reading The Art of the Thank You Note

Golden Rule of Friendship

Do you find it easy to make new friends? Tell us how you’ve mastered the art of befriending a new person.   When I read the prompt for today a childhood song popped into my head and stayed there, like any good ear worm, for the entire day!  I learned it as a Girl Scout.  … Continue reading Golden Rule of Friendship

A Habit of Gratitude

When I opened my computer tonight to begin to compose a post, I went first to my "Reader" at Word Press.  The Reader is where I see a feed of the blogs that I'm following.  The first two posts were these:  Thank You, Stars, on Word Exchange -- Love Words, and Friends, on a blog … Continue reading A Habit of Gratitude

Teacher Appreciation Week 2015

I posted this a year and a half ago, but as I notice the news feed on Facebook and see that its National Teacher Appreciation Week, I thought it would be worth sharing again! -------------------------------------------------------------- The idea for this blog has been rumbling in my head even since before blogs existed. I've often thought of … Continue reading Teacher Appreciation Week 2015