Motivation vs. Inspiration

When I was in graduate school one of my advisors would drop little gems into his lectures, some of which have stuck with me twenty-plus yrs later.  One of my favorites, and I can’t recall who he had cited when he mentioned it, was “there’s a big difference between motivation and inspiration.”  Motivation, he said, is something that you have to find or do every day; to lose weight, start or finish a project, clean out the bedrooms that the grandchildren lived in when they were with us…the list could go on.

iInspiration on the other hand, well, that’s something that’s been far more elusive for me in 2014. As my college professor put it, inspiration comes from a very different place.  You don’t need to find it over and over again from somewhere else.  It comes from that still small voice inside; the one we hear when we’re looking at art, or listening to fantastic music or kids laughing, or when we’re sitting alone quietly.

Sometimes we’re inspired by something outside of ourselves, but really, it is that inner voice that is giving us the kick in the pants.  Starting today, the first day of this year, I’ve decided to try my hand at living a more inspired life.  I will take the time to sit and listen and then, to act on what I hear.

In my daily thank you’s this year you’ll see a focus on Inspiration, let me know what you think.

Happy New Year!

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4 thoughts on “Motivation vs. Inspiration

  1. from my perspective:

    As an artist and painter – I see the difference between them like… playing your own melody of life from the heart – and – trying to be somebody else…

    As a previous coach and trainer – I see the difference between short term – and – long term strategy

    As a person – I see the difference between life – and – death of life (or a life force)

    As a human – I see the difference between external – and – internal spark of energy


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