Live With Heart

Everyday I get the daily Buddha Doodle post; they’re terrific and always make me smile.  Today’s did not disappoint.  After I’d read it I happened by a coworker’s office.  She’s getting ready to go out on a medical leave–it was somewhat planned but she will be out longer than she’d originally expected.

Initially she was meant to be out two days a week for the next several months while she undergoes chemo for a later stage breast cancer.  She started the treatment about 3 weeks ago.  When I saw her into the third week I noticed she’d gotten a new haircut.  It was cute and I told her so.  She let me know the reason for the cut was that the hair loss had begun.  The description of her thick hair coming out by the handfuls was heartbreaking, but she talked about it matter-of-factly and cutting her hair was simply a logical step in the process of overcoming the cancer.

This co-worker is the third in as many years to be facing breast cancer.  Each in varying stages with a wide variety of treatments. Two lost their hair, one didn’t.  One needed only radiation and chemo; the other two will need to have surgery.  It is an insidious disease and wreaks havoc on every aspect of their lives.

Each of these women is strong and committed to their recovery, and are looking forward to the day they can say they are cancer free!  Today’s thank you goes out to each of them for showing me and our whole organization how to Live With Heart!

live with heart


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