Amy Grant Restored My Christmas Spirit

My holiday spirit has been a challenge to find this year.  I’ve baked, shopped, wrapped, sent cards, sponsored a family for the holiday drive, visited our elderly neighbor.  The house is decorated; tree is in the window, wreaths are on the door and porch, candles are lit and the house smells like Christmas.

To get in touch with my inner Christmas kid, I’ve had Pandora’s Christmas station providing background music on my desk at work for the past couple of weeks.  But, like all the other 24/7 radio stations playing the widest variety of singers belting out their rendition of Santa Baby; it is the same music over and over and over and over…you get the idea.

The music though, that always fills me up, is Amy Grant‘s A Christmas Album from 1983.  I first bought it on cassette and played it every year on my way home from Vermont for the holidays.  When it wore out the tape I got the album on CD.  It was played so many times I can’t count.  And now, it’s on my iPod!

Today when I got home I put my iPod into the stereo and blasted it!  I stood in the middle of the living room with the surround sound overwhelming me, and I sang at the top of my lungs.  It felt great! Finally, Christmas; not just in my house but, in my heart.  The song that moved me the most this year, “Love Has Come”.  Thank you, Amy Grant!

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