Church Choirs

I’m taking today’s idea for my post from the blogChasing Happy“.  Kenzie, the blog’s author, put a challenge out to the world via The Thankful Project; say something every day from November 1st until Thanksgiving that you are thankful for; she’s providing prompts to help.  The prompt offered today is:  Something You Were Taught.

organWho among us has sung in a church choir?  I did!  There was a junior and senior choir; one for kids, one for grown-ups, and older kids who were really good.  I loved singing in church, standing up at the edge of the organ as we looked down from the choir loft onto the congregation.  Dutifully lining up at the back of the church so we could receive communion before everyone else, so we could quickly walk back up stairs to sing another hymn.  Miss Bennett was our choir director.  She was lovely and remarkably patient with the gaggle of little girls who came to choir practice on Saturday afternoons.  We sang at the 9:30 am mass every week.

st gregs viewEaster was my favorite time to sing in church.  The music seemed so much more uplifting than any other time of year.  Two of the songs I used to live and love to sing were, I am the Bread of Life and The Prayer of St. Francis.  The words and the melodies moved me, and still do whenever I hear the first few notes float in to the pew where I’m sitting. I find myself singing as loudly and clearly as I did as a kid when I hear this music play.

I was taught to sing by Miss Bennett and remember her fondly and with gratitude today.

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