An Unexpected Support

Have you ever been in a car accident?  I’ve been in one.  A few years ago I was driving in the neighborhood where my office is located on my way home at the end of the day.  It was the time of day when the sun is just low enough that it blinds you, even the visor or sunglasses won’t keep you from squinting, holding your hand up to shield the brightness.

As I rounded a corner to head toward the highway, I watched in absolute shock as an on-coming car tried to pass on the left of the driver in front of him–heading straight toward my driver’s side door.  There was nothing I could do, I had to let it happen.  The force of the crash scary and as the shiny black Scion continued on its way, I sat there shaking, not sure of what to do next.  I could NOT believe the jerk who’d just hit me left the scene, jumping the curb and driving around the rest of us sitting there in utter disbelief.

OnStar-logoI hit the On-Star button on the rearview mirror and reported to the operator I’d just been in an accident (just like on the tv commercial).  She was reassuring and contacted the local police to respond to the accident scene.  I was not seriously hurt at all, more shaken is all.  The incident happened to take place right outside one the buildings owned by the agency I work for and a security guard happened to be locking up for the day.

I don’t remember the guard’s name, but, he came over to the car and asked if I was okay.  He’d seen the entire incident and had a good description of the car and driver, though no license plate.  It seemed to take forever for the police to arrive, it was probably about half an hour.  The security guard stayed with me until after I’d given my statement; every few minutes asking if I was okay, was I feeling like I needed go to the hospital, did I need some water.  He was positively gracious when I kept asking his name over and over because I could not recall what he’d already told me.

shieldThe police officer assured me that my car was okay to drive the city streets to get home, but the highway was not a good idea.  The security guard didn’t want me to drive myself home, but I just had to do it myself.  I told him I’d be okay.

I went back to work the next morning.  About an hour after I’d arrived and was sitting at my desk, the security guard who’d looked out for me the day before, was standing at my office door.  He wanted to make sure I was okay.  I most certainly hope that I never experience any car accident, big or small, again.  And while I’m sure I thanked him at the time; now, I want to thank him again!


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