Junior High School Lockers

The beginning of September brings so many memories. I’ve always loved this time of year. Today I’m reminded of junior high school. In my junior high it as seventh, eighth, and ninth graders. Since I have a sister both a year older and one a year younger than me, I was always in school with one sibling or another. I was also always in school with my friend Lynne. We’ve know each other for 45 years so my guess is that you may read about her more than once in this blog!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGiven that my last name begins with a W and Lynne’s with a B, my locker was always the farthest away from any of my classes and Lynne’s was always quite close. I’m not sure if we did it for more than one year but I do remember that in 9th grade we shared a locker–Lynne’s. My original assignment was to a locker on B1 and Lynne’s on A3. You do the math…A’s come before B’s so her locker was closer to, well, everything.

Coats, books, lunches, etc; all of it in the locker that was meant for one person not two. We made it work. Lots of students shared lockers I imagine, but when you’re in junior high and already feeling a bit awkward or unsure of yourself, it was such a comfort to know that when the bell rang and we had to regroup for the next set of classes, I would see my friend Lynne and know that the rest of the day was going to be okay.

Thank you my friend, for sharing your locker with me!


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