Izadora’s Birthday

Thanks to all our family and friends who helped us when the kids were here and since they’ve left!

3 Grandchildren, 2 Grandparents, 2 Cats

Even though the kids went back to Arizona two years ago, I find birthdays and holidays still difficult.  Their mom decided that she doesn’t want us to have contact with them.  I understand why, in her mind, it’s better for us to not be communicating with the kids, but of course I don’t agree.

wow look at all these legos!Until this past July I was able to send packages and cards to them, but the last one came back as undeliverable.  The reason from UPS was that they couldn’t find a forwarding address.  Clearly, their mom is making every effort to make sure we cannot reach the kids in any way at all. I know it sounds sad and, it is.  I imagine it is sad and confusing for the kids, too.

izzy as KatyToday is Izadora’s fourteenth birthday.  We miss her and love her very much, and find comfort that we have pictures and memories of her time with us. …

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Humanity of Children

My picture for this week's photo challenge is of my grandchildren.  The first summer they were living with us they found a bird's nest on the ground in our yard.  There was one baby that seemed viable and the kids wanted to take care of it.  Since Grandpa had cared for other birds and small critters, we … Continue reading Humanity of Children

Wall of Hope

One of the most stunning tributes in Rhode Island to the events of that day is the Wall of Hope.  Any Rhode Islander who wanted to add a tile to the wall had the chance to.  It started with groups of school children and quickly mushroomed to include all kinds of groups: social, faith-based, schools, businesses. … Continue reading Wall of Hope

I Like My Spot Just Fine, Thank You

I'm catching up by posting my response to yesterday's prompt (Next In Line), enjoy! A second #RoyalBaby will soon be joining the Windsors in England. Given the choice, would you rather be heir to the throne, or the (probably) off-the-hook sibling? Birth order is an interesting field of study, though perhaps more pop psychology than a science … Continue reading I Like My Spot Just Fine, Thank You

Because They’re Trying

A Thank You from my nephew to the school department! Please take a read, learn from it and enjoy it!

Pressure Support

The morning after the events of my last post Karin and I still didn’t know what was going with Liam’s first day of school and whether or not he would be afforded the orientation process that all the other incoming kindergartners were having. I had been hoping that after hearing the messages I had left the day before I would have recieved a call early in the morning but when I didn’t hear anything by 9am I knew that wouldn’t be the case. So Karin and I went to the school to park ourselves in front of the principal’s office until we could speak with her about our concerns. The school pre-k program social worker (poor thing) didn’t have any idea what she was in for when she walked by and waved hello.

“Can we talk somewhere, right now?” I asked.


Anyone who knows Karin and I knows that…

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Moms Are Good Secret Keepers

Today's writing prompt is a fun one for me:  Can you keep a secret? Have you ever — intentionally or not — spilled the beans (when you should’ve stayed quiet)? I've always been the friend that could keep a secret; so much so, that by the time I graduated from college I felt relieved to … Continue reading Moms Are Good Secret Keepers

Summer Adventure: Photo Challenge

I am not adventurous by nature, so it was truly a challenge to think of photos for this week's Photo Challenge.  I like to know where I'm going, how I will get there, and what could happen when I arrive.  I over pack making sure I have contingencies covered.  My husband, however, likes getting in … Continue reading Summer Adventure: Photo Challenge

A T.V. aholic’s Dream Job: Cast Change

You’ve just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise). The catch: you must replace the entire cast — with your friends and family. Who gets which role? I am a t.v.-a-holic, there, I've said it.  I do enjoy watching television.  When I lived alone the television was always turned on … Continue reading A T.V. aholic’s Dream Job: Cast Change

No Such Thing as “The Good Cancer”

In honor of National Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, here is a post I did last September to mark the occasion. Please “check your neck” next time you have your annual check-up!

365 Days of Thank You

It is thyroid cancer awareness month.  There are just a few more days left in September; a few more days to draw needed attention to “the good cancer”.

Of course there is no good cancer! The Merriam Webster Dictionary on-line defines cancer as:

can•cernoun ˈkan(t)-sər:(1) a serious disease caused by cells that are not normal and that can spread to one or many parts of the body: (2) something bad or dangerous that causes other bad things to happen.

Does this sound like it’s a good thing?

My diagnosis and surgery happened in the spring of 2011. There was such much going on in my life at the time the realization of what was going on in my body didn’t happen, really, until the past several months. The time between diagnosis to surgery to RAI treatment and the ultrasound to say I was all clear, was only…

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Tale of Two Bugs: Weekly Photo Challenge

I took this picture with my phone when my husband and I were on a lovely trip to Vermont.  We were enjoying breakfast at the local diner and this bug joined us.  The sun hadn't yet come around to the window boxes so it was easy to get up close and personal! Check Out These … Continue reading Tale of Two Bugs: Weekly Photo Challenge