A Brief Thought for Today

Other lessons from great bloggers: Easier Said Than Done Quickie Post: Life Lessons I may not be the first but I will do my best!

A Story of Strings

The photo challenge this week is about sharing a three-picture story.  I took a look back in my archive of photos I've taken with my phone and these three stood out for me. Last Fall my husband and I went to an indoor farmer's market.  It's a well-known one in Pawtucket, Rhode Island at the … Continue reading A Story of Strings

World Menopause Day…Really?!

Yesterday I wrote about a visit with my doctor.  One of the biggest take-a-ways from the appointment, as I mentioned, was his declaration of why I'm not feeling like myself:  "You're without a thyroid and you have likely entered menopause."  He declared it with a smile on his face and so matter-of-factly, that I had … Continue reading World Menopause Day…Really?!

What’s Up Doc?!

I've thanked my endocrinologist before, but feel the need to do it again!  I meet with him every four months since my complete thyroidectomy in 2011, and will probably continue to see him with great regularity  for the rest of my life. Typically, I've been a compliant patient, answering the doc's questions but never really … Continue reading What’s Up Doc?!

It’s Okay to Take a Day Off

It's school vacation week and since I don't teach any more I don't have the week off.  My week is just as busy and crazy as usual, maybe more so.  I'm doing 3 three-hour trainings, have 2 three-hour meetings; and did I mention, this is only the second week of my new job responsibilities in … Continue reading It’s Okay to Take a Day Off

Sisters (in-law) by Chance, Family Forever

I've mentioned before how lucky I am to have such a big family; and I am, hands-down, one of the luckiest people I know.  I've written about some of my sisters, brothers, and brothers-in-law (not all of them yet though) and one sister-in-law.  Today I'd like to thank two more sisters-in-law. First off is my … Continue reading Sisters (in-law) by Chance, Family Forever

The Legacy I Hope to Live Up To

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone. Always interesting when we attempt to think about the impact we might have on the world.  One of my dreams is to write a book that … Continue reading The Legacy I Hope to Live Up To