Strange Dissonance

Strange Dissonance. via Strange Dissonance. I really liked this blog post and thought other readers might, too.

The “C” Word

It is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month! As promised, today's post too is about my thyroid cancer and the process I went through of diagnosis, surgery and recovery. Following my initial ultrasound in 2004, when the endocrinologist found that there were┬áin fact, several nodules on either side of my thyroid, it was time for the biopsy … Continue reading The “C” Word

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

September in all its glory is, among other things, Thyroid Cancer Awareness month. I'm sure it's awareness month for many other things too but this is the one that affects me most. The next few of my posts will have to do with my very own bout with the disease. In May of 2011 I … Continue reading Cold Hands, Warm Heart