Husband, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother-in-Law!

When I was 13 years-old my sister Sue got married; she was 19. I would be remiss if I didn't first off, thank my brother-in-law, Paul, for giving me strep throat on that day! He was sick as a dog and as people went through the receiving line after the ceremony, I'm not so sure … Continue reading Husband, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother-in-Law!

Inspiration On A Ride In A Pinto

Blogging at WordPress is helping me to learn more about writing than I would probably know otherwise. I've never spent time in a formal class for creative, or any other type of writing; and the last time I think I was given a writing "assignment" was in a freshman English class in college. One of … Continue reading Inspiration On A Ride In A Pinto

Flat Tires, Cell Phones, Rhode Island

There was a time before cell phones,┬ábefore 3G's and 4G's and IOS7's, when we had to navigate our way across the country using the paper maps that could never be refolded in a way that would make it look as though your cat hadn't been sleeping on it. There was a time when you had … Continue reading Flat Tires, Cell Phones, Rhode Island